As we approach Easter weekend, we invite you to take some time to Be Still. Grab your Bible, a pen and paper, find a comfy place and click play below.

When finished with the video, please take the time to worship by play below:


Rebecca Redmer

Director of Young People’s Ministries 
St. Paul’s UMC
“Live in such a way that those who don’t know God but know you, would come to know God because they know you” 
About the Guide
The Upper Room magazine’s mission is to provide a model of practical Christianity, accessible in varied formats, to help people feel invited and welcomed into God’s presence to:
  • listen to scripture as God’s personal message, linking their stories to God’s story;
  • commune with God in prayer;
  • see their daily choices and small acts of obedience as part of God’s work;
  • realize our connection through Christ as a universal family of believers;
  • encounter the living Christ and be transformed into Christ’s likeness.

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